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Elbooks, we are the best website for your information development in Europe and other countries.

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did you think that your development is in your hands, investing in yourself today - You are building a successful future tomorrow

We only promote stuff we would want to buy ourselves.

What's the point of offering you a deal on something we wouldn't buy ourselves? We believe in honesty and so a great price isn't everything - it's also got to be a great product or service. We have top business partners and unbeatable prices, so you should feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new simply because we have featured it as a Elbooks.

We want to give you a good mood every day!

Elbooks can make the luxurious things in life affordable as we look for the best experiences and offer them at a price that’s hard to beat! We will only feature the best deals on the best Lessons, books and other.

Gender Pay

We promote equality of opportunity for all, regardless of gender and aim to create a diverse and gender neutral workforce, reflecting our customer base.

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the store belongs to an Individual entrepreneur Vitor Palmeira Abbehusen (company name)

e-mail: elbooksorg@gmail.com

tel: +447868714977